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Walk around answering questions and helping where necessary, (One year the weather would not cooperate, so after several day of rescheduling the flights I took the class to the auditorium to fly their airplanes.Paper Plane is a great hands-on science tool for teaching the science behind airplanes,.While students finish this page the teacher needs to be circulate around the room helping where needed.Does the angle of launching affect how far a paper airplane.Take Off with Paper Airplanes. correlated to one or more K-12 science. scale models of things like airplanes to test their ideas in a laboratory setting.

Model airplanes made from paper or balsa wood. and experimenting some possible airplane designs. Project...

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Review the termiology from yesterday and allow students to orally review what they did.

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Pause, then continue: Well, over the next two days we will get to do just that.Tell students you are creating the controls for this experiment.Have the students write a summary of what happened during the project.

Repeat the experiment that Galileo used to measure the acceleration of gravity.The variable is the paper airplane design. SAMPLE DISPLAY BOARD IDEAS.

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Copyright (C) 2006 All Science Fair All Rights Reserved.How to implement logic operations using simple circuitry that produces light and sound.If students finish early they may decorate the airplanes with markers or crayons.

When you are finished asked the students to fill in their hypothesis or you may wait until after the discussion and allow students to complete their journals or disks.Discuss this as a class and together fill in this section of the airplane journal.Below is a list of great ideas for potential science fair projects.Again you can show the class the printout of the lesson plan you are using that has a listing of the procedure.Explain: Before you make any airplanes you need to discuss again the importance of making the same model airplane (the way you fold) each time.Description In this lesson, students have permission to make and fly paper airplanes. to get some ideas.You may ask: Why do you think someone would want to repeat an experiment.

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First the paper should all be the same size, and second the model airplane needs to be the same or the way you fold you airplane needs to be the same.Explore how different kinds of chemicals take out stains on clothing and their effect on the clothing.Together write down the procedure or allow time later for students to work in groups on the computer or with hard copies of their journals.While students are doing this, circulate around the room helping where needed.Below is a list of great ideas for potential science fair projects. Paper Airplane Experiment.

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An airplane journal and a rubric, which can be copied on paper or individual disks.

You may need to do a quick mini review on creating a graph and why bar graphs will be good for displaying this data.Science Fair judges will want to see that the conclusions stated match the data that.ToyShop This site contains diagrams for creating paper planes.

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Check out this statistical experiment to test how phrasing questions might affect the answers.